Banana Blast

Happy weekend everybody! Saturdays for me usually involve Park Run or work or sometimes both but i’m currently on holiday from work and have been sick the last few days so didn’t do either this Saturday. This meant I got to wake up late and make my favourite smoothie bowl recipe.

This recipe is so easy and simple, all it requires is a bit of elbow grease.

Ingredients for 1 Bowl

1 frozen banana

Splash of almond milk

2 scoops of chocolate protein powder

as much peanut butter as you’d like! (I use around 1 tbsp)


Blend the frozen the banana with the splash of almond milk until creamy

Add the powder and peanut butter and continue blending until everything is mixed together!



Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear about any of your favourite smoothies so comment below!

Peace out guys!



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