Skin Care

Hi Guys! I’m very sorry being awol for the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out my schedule with being back at work and school so everything has been up in the air BUT I am back. This week I’m talking skincare, specifically Eczema and different ways to deal with it.

I suffer with eczema throughout the year with it flaring up more during particular times. I haven’t quite figured out what specifically triggers it but I think it’s due to stress or dramatic whether changes however other causes can be dehydration and different soaps. I thought I’d share with you guys some products/tips that I find helpful when my eczema is flaring up.

I never found using creams such as sudo cream or E45 cream very helpful. If your eczema is scabby and bleeding then sudo cream can be great for healing that quickly however, it dries out your skin and the main cause of eczema is dry skin. If you are trying to heal broken skin from eczema, sudo cream can be great but I would suggest using it with another moisturising product.

The majority of moisturising products that you can buy off the shelf have never really worked for me. Perfume ones that you might buy from Victoria Secrets for example, aren’t great if you suffer with eczema because the perfume aspects can cause it flare up. Other creams such as E45 or Aveeno can be useful for some people but never really helped me.

Doctors can prescribe creams to heal the broken skin caused by eczema and moisturise the skin to reduce flare ups. They usually pair a steroid cream with a second moisturiser. The first moisturiser I was prescribed was a thick cream that didn’t really soak into the skin so when you go to bed you would be all greasy and it would cover all your bed sheets in it too. I also wasn’t able to workout while wearing it because it essentially block your sweat pores so when you do sweat the cream sweats off too. Although it was good as a moisturiser it wasn’t good for day to day use. The current one I am using is a double base gel. In the bottle it clings together like jelly but once you pump it out is more like a cream and soaks in really well. Its a much better moisturiser and makes you actually want to use it.

A good way to reduce flare up is using different soaps. I find that perfume shower gels and soaps really irritate my skin as soon as I step out the shower. My doctor recommended a few other shower gels such as Aveeno, Simple or Santex. I began using the Santex one and noticed a difference right away. If you find that you are incredibly itchy after you shower definitely try changing your shower gel. Since finishing the Santex shower gel I have began using Pears soap. It comes in  a bar and works just as well. On a similar note, the temperature of your water can dry your skin out. I enjoy a hot, hot shower but I know it’s bad for your skin even if you don’t suffer with eczema as it essentially strips it.

Swimming pools, hot tubs and baths can cause major flare ups. Swimming pools and hot tubs are full of all sorts of chemicals that can irritate the skin. Obviously, if you enjoy swimming and spending time in hot tubs telling you not to isn’t going to go dow so well but it’s useful to know that if you do plan on going swimming take some moisturiser to apply directly after to reduce the annoyance.

Those are all my tips on caring for eczema that I have learnt over the used. If any of you guys have personal tips for dealing with dry skin let me know in the comments!

Peace out guys x


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