Pancake Day

Happy belated Pancake Day everyone!!

I feel like, on pancake day, you’re either a crepe kind of person or an American pancake kind of person. I am definitely an American Pancake kind of person, so I thought i’d share  a quick recipe with you…


You will need: Plain Flour, Baking Powder, Salt, Caster Sugar, Milk, Egg and Oil for the pancakes and any thing you can think of for the toppings; my personal favourite is maple syrup and bacon. Being at university did throw some obstacles in the way so this will not be the most specific recipe you will have followed but hey ho, they still came out perfect!

Firstly you want to add 135 grams of plain flour (for us this meant roughly dividing up a 500 gram bag of flour) to one teaspoon of baking powder and two tablespoons of caster sugar and a teaspoon of salt (aka half a packet of a fast food sachet of salt). then in a jug mix the 1 Large egg (or 2 medium) with 130 ml of milk and two tablespoons of oil. Then, you mix it all together!

Once you’ve got the mix you need to pour a pancake sized amount of mix onto a hot frying pan. When the top is bubbling, flip the pancake. We found that warming the oven up before hand and then placing the cooked pancakes on a plate in the oven kept them warm while we cooked the rest of mix.

Finally you have to cover them in anything everything! Here are a few Ideas: Maple syrup and Bacon, Maple syrup and Butter, Nutella and Banana, Biscoff spread and Banana, Nutella and Strawberries, Golden syrup and Berries… the list goes on!



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